Inertia6 is an exciting new Bellevue Pilates studio that offers you the unique combination of Classical Pilates and Licensed Massage Therapy.

Bellevue Pilates Studio

With personal training, Inertia6 gives you one-on-one private Pilates lessons, massage therapy, and also offers occasional group Pilates classes. The objective and belief of Inertia6 is summed up in our slogan: A Body In Motion Stays In Motion.

So many of us suffer restrictions, pain, and/or loss of function all relating to lack of mobility and strength. In light of that, Inertia6 keeps you healthy and doing what you love by creating a personalized treatment program with your body and your goals in mind.

Our Pilates studio is outfitted with top-of-the-line Gratz equipment that you won’t find in most Bellevue Pilates studios. In fact, you’ll have the opportunity to use all of our equipment including a classical Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, and Ladder Barrel. This enables us to customize your workout with hundreds of different exercises that constantly challenge your mind and body. Moreover, you will never get bored!

Inertia6 is a fun, encouraging, and safe place to begin or continue your physical exercise journey.


Rachael Turner Inertia6 Founder - Bellevue Pilates Studio

Meet the Expert

Rachael Turner
Founder / Instructor / LMT of
Inertia6 – a Bellevue Pilates Studio
MA# 60284562

Rachael has a passion for movement. Starting at age 3 with ballet, she learned how dedication and discipline can transform your life. Throughout 16 years of classical ballet training, she developed an appreciation for the human body and its abilities which fueled her fascination. For this reason, Rachael became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2012.

Rachael began studying Pilates in 2009 when diagnosed with a back injury. She continued the practice in order to maintain a strong core and healthy lifestyle. In 2013 Rachael was accepted into the Metropolitan Authentic Training program, a prestigious teacher apprenticeship, where she was certified under world-class teacher/trainer Dorothee VandeWalle in 2014.

Rachael’s athletic training and experience gave her body-awareness and insight. When paired with her education, she has a real eye for treatment. She can not only see restrictions but feel them as well. Rachael is constantly pursuing knowledge and certifications relating to health and movement. This makes her uniquely qualified to provide you with outstanding instruction and care.

Rachael Turner, Founder of Inertia6, a Bellevue Pilates Studio
Rachael Turner, Founder of Inertia6, a Bellevue Pilates Studio
Rachael Turner, Founder of Inertia6, a Bellevue Pilates Studio

When she isn’t in the studio, Rachael can be found dancing with her vintage chorus girl group, Sister Kate Dance Company. She enjoys all things PNW including camping, hiking, skiing, and dirt biking.