Classical Pilates and Massage Therapy

At our Bellevue Pilates and massage studio, we believe “A Body In Motion Stays In Motion,” and a long and youthful life is found through movement. You only retain the ability to move so long as your body stays active and healthy.


Inertia6 will tailor a personal program to meet your goals like:

  • Transforming your body with whole body conditioning
  • Recovering from injury
  • Supporting your current level of fitness
  • Improving your flexibility and strength
  • Increasing balance, control, and mental focus
  • Reducing stress, pain, and muscle tension
  • Relieving anxiety, headaches, insomnia

Ultimate Wellness Duo

In addition to transforming your body, Pilates and massage therapy go hand in hand to support your overall well being, which is our main goal. Let us take you on a physical journey in a friendly and empowering environment.

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