Why Gratz Equipment is the Only One for Us

When I decided to open my own studio, the easiest decision I had to make was where to get my equipment. There are many different Pilates equipment manufacturers out there, but as an classically trained instructor, there was only one option for me. I was spoiled on Gratz equipment in my apprenticeship and I have taught on Gratz since the moment I was certified. It is, in my opinion and the opinion of the classical Pilates community, the very best.

The Gratz company motto is “He invented it, we make it.” They are the original manufacturer of Pilates equipment. Working closely with Romana Kryzanowska (Joseph Pilates protégé) in the late 1960s, Gratz started creating Pilates equipment based on Joseph Pilates original designs. They have been the best in the business ever since and can be found in classical Pilates studios all around the world.

A quote from master Pilates teacher, trainer, and my personal teacher, Dorothee VandeWalle:

“At Metropolitan Pilates, we equip our flagship studio only with Gratz apparatus. We also require all of our affiliated M.A.T. Pilates Training Centers to be fully equipped with Gratz. Why? Tradition and authenticity, yes. But also, craftsmanship, because Pilates exercises cannot be properly executed if the equipment dimensions and proportions are not as specified by Joseph Pilates. Gratz is the original, authentic producer of the apparatus Pilates designed to achieve the intended results. Form and function never went better together then, and we feel the same about Gratz and Metropolitan Pilates today!”
– Dorothee VandeWalle & Silvia Furia, owners

I have personally felt the difference that Gratz equipment makes when practicing the Pilates method. The equipment is uniquely designed to give you enough support but at the same time, ensure all the work is coming from your own body, not a machine.

Come check out our beautiful, brand new Gratz equipment at the Inertia6 studio!

– Rachael Turner, LMT, Pilates instructor & Founder of Inertia6