Welcome to Inertia6!

Inertia6 is an exciting new health and fitness studio located in Bellevue, Washington. We offer a combination of Classical Pilates and Licensed Massage Therapy.

I started Inertia6 because I wanted a space that was completely unique. We are not just a Pilates studio or a massage clinic, we are a movement center that uses these methods as tools to create multifaceted treatment programs to meet your specific needs. Inertia6 bridges the gap between mobility and stability because we need both to keep our bodies moving.

The name Inertia6 is a play on Newton’s first law of motion. Also referred to as the law of inertia, it states that an object in motion stays in motion and an object at rest stays at rest unless acted upon by an outside force. At Inertia6, our job is to keep your body moving. If your body has been at rest for too long, allow us to be the outside force that changes the course of your health.

The 6 comes from the six principals of Pilates: Control, Concentration, Centering, Precision, Breathing, and Flow. All six principals are important to us and will play a key role in your exercise program.

The objective and belief of Inertia6 can be summed up in our slogan: A Body In Motion Stays In Motion. We can keep our bodies active and healthy so long as we continue to move! Have you ever taken a week-long vacation without exercise and found that getting back into your exercise routine seems SO HARD? This is because our bodies like a consistent level of activity. Now, this doesn’t mean you should never take a vacation, I’m just trying to make a point: Imagine the way your body feels after a vacation, multiply it by a year or five years and imagine how your body would feel then. Things can really snowball out of control. It is so easy to lose your inertia when you stop moving.

So many of us suffer restrictions, pain, and/or loss of function all relating to lack of mobility and strength and/or the loss of your own personal inertia. Come visit us and see how Inertia6 can keep you healthy and doing what you love by creating a treatment program with your body and your goals in mind.

– Rachael Turner, LMT, Pilates instructor & Founder of Inertia6