Can Pilates Help Me Lose Weight?

With the new year right around the corner, many of us have weight loss on our list of resolutions. Pilates alone is not going to help you drop the pounds quickly, but that doesn’t mean it can’t play an important role in weight loss. There are many benefits to Pilates that can help you lose weight more easily and effectively.


Movement in general is so important to weight loss. Whether you’re sitting at a desk, in the car, or on the sofa, most of us spend the majority of our day not moving. Introducing gentle, movement based exercise like Pilates can really kickstart some good habits.


Something often overlooked when beginning a weight loss program is whether or not you have the ability to perform intense physical exercise. It’s not practical (or safe) for you to go from zero activity one week, to lifting heavy weight and running several miles the next. You need to build strength and build it correctly, or you’ll just end up injured. Pilates helps you to build strength safely.


Frequent injuries can really ruin a good exercise program. Injuries need time to heal. As you’re taking time off from exercise, you lose muscle and you lose motivation. Pilates is not only great for rehabilitating injuries, it’s great at preventing them! Pilates helps you build core strength as well as flexibility and muscle control which enables you to work out more effectively. It will also help you work out more consistently because you will spend less time nursing injuries.


Pilates elongates and tones your muscles, particularly around the waist. It also can greatly improve your posture. This aids in your overall appearance, making you look slimmer.


Pilates is exercise for the body AND mind. When you feel better physically and mentally, you’re far more likely to succeed. A positive attitude can do wonders!

Rachael Turner Inertia6 Founder - Bellevue Pilates Studio

Rachael Turner

LMT, Pilates Instructor
and Founder of Inertia6

Rachael has a passion for movement and her athletic training and experience give her body-awareness and insight.
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